My heart, my mind, my soul...
...you caress it like no other before.


I am a black gay woman in her mid-thirties, living and working in London, England.

This blog is an exploration and celebration of the natural beauty and strength of the black woman in all her forms.

None of the images belong to me. If you would like me to remove any of your images, please send me a message, and I will respectfully do so.

If you would like me to take down your photo, please be aware that there are literally thousands of images on this blog. Please click on the photo you want removed, and look at the date it was posted, then send me a message, with the date(s) of the image, what you are wearing in the photo, and your hairstyle.

I will the remove it immediately.

Feel free to ask me a question.


How fantastic is her hair? I really need to wear my afro more often. (via London Fashion Week AW12…. Yasmin – - WHO IS BOBB PARRISWHO IS BOBB PARRIS)

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